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Engagement at Depot Park

Tight Photography

I met Josh and Kathy a few years ago through ballroom dance. Josh is a DJ for most of the west coast swing events and some of the ballroom dance competitions that I attended and Kathy was always right by his side to watch him, help out, and to enjoy the events! I knew right away that they were a match made in heaven! They are the perfect happy go-goofy couple I have ever met!

We decided to do their session over at Depot Park in Gainesville Florida. The park has it's own character to it from the relaxing nature trail right on over to the hustle and bustle of the kid's water park play area. We found the most perfect spots to pose them up and all the while Josh was making some of the most hilarious noises to keep Kathy laughing hysterically. All the while making it very difficult for me to photograph them as I was laughing just as much!

After dancing West Coast Swing by the water I then let them both go change into their super hero casual outfits so we could finish up the last half of their session. We found a really cool graffiti wall for those photos which really made that part of the session stand out. All of the flashy colors, not only brought some color to their session but it really helped represent the essence of them as people. Josh and Kathy are both so colorful and fun that the graffiti wall was more than perfect!

Having this wonderful opportunity to photograph Josh and Kathy's engagement was such an honor. We laughed so much and shared so many stories that the time flew right on by!

These two love birds don't plan on tying the knot for a few years, as Kathy has a child that she'd like to see graduate before they finally say "I Do." Such a responsible woman!

I wish them both such happiness! I hope I get to see them tie the knot in 2020!


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