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Princess Meet and Greet at the Thomas Center

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A one-on-one fully immersive private experience for all Children and Adults!

Talking about a Global Pandemic isn't exactly how I would want to start a blog post, but to really see where all of this started to blossom you have to start where the inspiration hit! It's weird to admit that a Global Pandemic was the big spark to me wanting to offer Character Meet and Greet s more seriously when there has been so much struggle and negativity that has come with it. To be completely honest I've always offered some type of character meet and greet sessions but I didn't advertise it fully.

When the world shut down Disney a new kind of feeling struck in my mind, aside from the obvious side affects like stress and anxiety... I realized that there were going to be tons of families canceling their yearly/monthly trips to the most Magical place on Earth! Children who waited all year long to go and see their favorite characters in person would just be devastated! I know I was and I'm 32 years old!

What's cool about my job is I'm a cosplay photographer. I have the privilege of hanging out with many of my favorite characters on a regular basis! I realized very quickly that if the most Magical place on Earth had to, sadly, shut down, then perhaps I could provide a little magic to those who may be missing out this year and for the years to come! With that in mind I teamed up with Britt Renee Owner and Character entertainer of Britt Renee Creative. She is also one of my go-to second photographers for wedding sessions that I attend.

Britt is someone I would describe as the Heart of Disney. She is where the magic lies. With a multitude of outfits in her closes she dresses up as different characters and attends birthday parties, delivers chocolates on Valentine's Day, does virtual phone calls and more! It didn't take long for us both to be on board about offering one-on-one Character Meet and Greets to our local clients. With her ability to magically become these characters she plays out some magical moments with everyone who books a session while I capture those moments for you to look back on for years to come! Carnations for kids by the selected character and goofy face bloopers as photos are always included. Make sure you check out the session below. She had some beautiful and goofy faces to show off during her time with The Glass Slipper Princess.

It's something special to see a child light up when they turn the corner at the park to see their favorite character standing there waiting JUST FOR THEM! Britt is a fully immersive character entertainer. She doesn't break her roll until we know that you and your child have left the premises completely and as long as there's no one else nearby. We don't want the magic to be ruined for anyone. The experience is the same for adults too. If a session like this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, please reach out. I'd love to talk about the process and how we make it all happen!

Stay tuned for the next blog where I go into details about the other types of Meet and Greets with Photography we have. Weddings, Engagements, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday Parties, Elopements and more!

Contact us for available Characters.

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