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In this house we believe in magic

and Superheros

We go on unexpected adventures

through Platforms 9 3/4

to Middle Earth

and galaxies far far away

We solemnly swear that we are up to no good

but don't worry, our mischief is managed

We drink and we know things

And do the Truffle Shuffle

We are all mad here

and we don't care what muggles think

Because in this Whovian house


I am a huge lover of all things Disney! I would totally live at The Magic Kingdom if they'd just let me do it. I have been known to get a little competitive at the game board table or while playing Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are what I consider my favorite past times and as far as music goes, I love it all! I am, without a doubt, the biggest fan of NSP.


I am a completely self-taught Nikon photographer and I now own a GoPro that lets me test out underwater photography. My food weakness is peanut butter and chocolate (in pie form is bonus country). As for a physical form of weakness I have a soft spot for the Tennessee Mountains! I smile just thinking about another vacation up north! I am also an avid cryer at weddings during the father and daughter dances. Don't worry. I'll be ok!

Jackie Tight

I'm one of those "has never met a stranger in her life" types of people and it's true. I love to sit and listen as much as I love to sit and talk. Getting to know people and their journey through life is often times like watching a movie for me! This also goes for animals. I have never met an animal that I haven't fallen in love with. I sadly don't have fur babies of my own just yet but I have ample friends and family that let me love on their babies. I sometimes think they are mine too! If you have a doggo that you'd like to bring to your session, please do! I promise they'll get tons of love from me! Treats too if that's ok!


I have been fortunate enough to have found the love of my life, through gaming even! He completes me in every way and brings out the very best of who I am. Mention him in conversation and you are guaranteed a smile and quite possibly the best story of how we met. I knew I loved him as soon as I saw him. A true love at first sight moment!

I am based mostly in the Northern Central Florida area traveling between Tampa, Orlando up through Ocala, Gainesville and Jacksonville. However I will certainly travel as needed! St. Augustine is very much a place I call home as well as a great photography location. I have bags packed for all possible locations so please, if your wedding is in Tennessee, I am ready for takeoff!   

I cannot wait to meet you! 

<3 Jackie

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