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I've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty... What an amazing time was had while photographing the princess of the sea. When Britt mentioned that she had upgraded her wig to a color more complementary of her skin tone and more appropriate to the character, we had to jump for new photos! Thankfully the weather held off so that the magic could happen.

Brit had decided on having the photos taken over in Haile Plantation in Gainesville Florida. The square couldn't have been a more fitting location for the mermaid princess. Brit's boyfriend, Will, was also there to document the afternoon by video so Brit could add it to her Youtube channel. From all of the laughs and jokes between the three of us along with me trying to pose out or explain what shot I was going for, I have no doubt that her vlog will be one for the books.

If there's one thing I loved most about this sessions it was Brit's shining personality and her ability to laugh beautifully at, quite literally, everything. I sure do wish I could remember what I or Will had said to her in this moment to bring out such a laugh. One more laugh photo below for good measure. Isn't she just beautiful?

Between poses and snapping the shots Brit, I mean Arial, had to take a few moments to pay attention to the little ones that spotted her from across the courtyard. Never have I seen so many kid's days made in just one small moment. When mother's were done taking photos of their kids with Ariel we were right back to work. Brit poses, Will filmed and I dodged the cars that came down the one way streets.

It was a very successful Tuesday afternoon. Days like this when I get to spend one on one time with my cosplayers are my absolute favorite days! I love that I get to call these moments my job, and what I do for a living!

Check out Brit's other cosplays in future blogs.


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