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Baby Who! Santa Fe College

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Santa Baby!! Jessica and Kaylen Schroeder must have been really good this year!

Guys... I'm no blogger. We all know that. I'm far from a write as my spelling is probably atrocious and my grammar is a mess. However, I can't let this keep me from talking about the news of Baby Who!

A little over 3 months ago Jessica approached me at work and said that she and Kaylen would find out that day as to whether or not Kaylen was pregnant! If I was nervous and excited I can only imagine how they were feeling! I left work with anticipation leaving Jess with this comment, "You call me the moment you find out regardless of the outcome."

Several hours later I received a text from Jessica that read "Call me when you can."

OH NO! They weren't pregnant! Dag-nab-it! I hate this! I called her and she immediately answered with a very sad and mellow "Hey." I was so sad! I felt awful! After about 30 seconds she caved and told me they were both expecting and I really couldn't contain my excitement!

I've known Jess and Kaylen for only about three years now and in that time I have really grown to love these two women. I've photographed them several times from their wedding photos to engagement photos and more. Jess is someone I consider to be one of my very best and truest friends.

Kaylen is just starting to show! There is official evidence that Baby Who is cookin' in the oven! I, of course, had to love on Kaylen's belly and exclaim how much I loved Baby Who. Jess got a kick out of it as she too talked to her wife's belly. Kaylen continuously reminded us that Baby Who didn't have ears yet. THAT'S OK BECAUSE I'M SAYING IT ANYWAYS! Auntie Jackie loves Baby Who and cannot wait to meet him/her.

Kaylen found the absolute perfect location for their holiday/baby announcement photos. Out by the Police Department at Santa Fe College there's a parking lot along the side and across the street. In the very far back area of this lot stood a nice large and long row of trees that very closely resembled Christmas trees. It was perfect!! We stayed for about 20 minutes and nabbed the photos that I'm sharing with you below.

It was a beautiful day, everyone was full of happiness and laughter. I just wish the puppers and the kitty could have been a part of the session too! Next time!

Congratulations Kaylen and Jessica!

Baby Who, I cannot wait to meet you! You are going to be surrounded by so much love from everyone that your mommies know. Guaranteed. I love you very much.


Aunt Jackie

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