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A Schroeder Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Schroeders! What a family! I've known Jess and Kaylen for a few years now but I've managed to find a real best friend in Jessica. I was honored to photograph their wedding a little while back now and since then have done a few different sessions for them. All of them, including today's Christmas photos, have been so much fun.

There's nothing quite like photographing your friends who are also family.

I pulled up to their house just shy of 10:00 and Jack (the basset hound) was at the window dressed to the nines with his dapper little bow tie! Tucker (dog in the middle) met me at the door with jumps and kisses! Both dogs seemed pretty content to be all dressed up and lookin' dashing! Comiskey, the kitty, was the exact opposite. The moment his undersized sweater went on, he went a little frozen. It only escalated from there whey put on his little hat with wings!

We took some group family photos and all of the animals cooperated extremely well. Talk about well behaved! It wasn't until we moved onto the solo shots did we have to bring in the bribery of treats to get everyone to sit still. So many laughs were had, but can you blame us?? Look how adorably cute these animals look!

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the photos from this year's mini session of the Schroeder family! More of this lovely group in the future I'm sure.

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