2020 Cosplays Missed Sessions

How many cosplays have you created or put together in the last year??

2020 was a bundle of insanity and our precious convention scene was hit pretty hard. Not to say several other aspects of our lives didn't, but this isn't about those parts. This is about our home away from home! Conventions for me have always been a safe haven and a place to form current and new bonds with people. Those getaway weekends were days where I could really be myself! I could be professional enough in my business to help direct my clients with posing and angles but I could get away with geeking out over a cosplayer's outfit, get excited over movies, or poke fun over a tv series. To put it frankly, I laugh more at a conventions surrounded by so many like-minded people than I ever do at a wedding or maternity session. I have hated watching so many cosplayers, through the last year, work so hard on new outfit designs only to have to put the needle down because "it's just not happening." Or, if you're anything like me and can't make outfits, you probably have tons of new cosplay ideas and wigs in your Amazon or Etsy carts just waiting to be purchased!

2021 is here and slowly but surly that light at the end of the tunnel is starting to get a little brighter I think. We're not there just yet but I have hope for the months to come! Tight Photography may or may not be making its way back to the convention world until late 2021, pending on how the next several months go. However, I have no doubt that 2022 will be the year we reopen our schedule to conventions again! Keep hanging on! We're almost there!

Now for the information you really came here for. I'm offering sessions to every single cosplayer who has been affected by the closing of a convention this year. I've been calling it "Cosplays Missed Sessions." These sessions are completely free as my gift to you because I just miss you! With that in mind, I'm only hosting these sessions in Ocala and/or Gainesville Florida. Travel is something I could do, but it requires a fee. If you much rather I come to you, we can discuss those details privately.

I know what you're thinking! "Free sessions are great and all but I'm still waiting on the photos from a free session I took like 9 months ago." You know what I'm talking about! You have all run into those photographers at some point. The ones who don't deliver for months or years because you didn't compensate them. You aren't important enough. This is NOT something I tolerate and it wont ever be something you have to worry about with me and the business I run. By choosing the option to drive up to meet me in Ocala or Gainesville for your session, I use that as a form of compensation for the time being. Cosplays Missed Sessions are guaranteed within 2-3 weeks of the session date. This is a standard turnaround time for all non-wedding related photo sessions and for those of you who have worked with me in the past, you know this to be true. I deliver.

So.....Pick up those needles, brush out your wigs, and get to finishing any cosplay outfit you want photographed because you have photos to take!

Contact me to pick a date that works best with your schedule and let's put the 2020 and early 2021 con blues behind us and have some fun again!

Text: 352-229-6809

For your safety and as per CDC and city guidelines I will be wearing a mask for all sessions and will also be keeping my distance. Sadly there wont be any high fives or hugs but I am accepting finger guns, air hugs and air high fives!

With that in mind you may want to have a friend come along to help fix your hair, makeup or costume(s) between shots so you look the best version of your cosplay! The more the merrier as well. It's fun and it's safe. I've been doing everything in my power to stay safe. My outings pretty much consist of work and the grocery store. Should you have more concerns we can talk more during the process of scheduling your session.

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