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Digital Newsletter


Fun Fact: Tight Photography brings in approximately 10-15 NEW cosplayers every convention. 

Hey There,

You are here because we have worked together in the past to bring your cosplay creations to life OR because you've never had a session and you'd like to become a part of all the fun and the art that Tight Photography creates for every client!


The best way to stay ahead of the game for all convention scheduling, other special events and benefits is to subscribe to Tight Photography's quarterly digital newsletter. This newsletter is scheduled to be sent out once every 3 months (January, April, July, October) to anyone who has subscribed using their email address.

What to Expect

Newsletter will include (but not limited to) the following:

• Dates of all conventions that Tight Photography is attending:

  You’ll have dates before the general public so you know exactly when to book your photography time slot(s)!


• Full 24/7 session slot availability: 

  Meaning if it’s January and you want to reserve your Holmat session (December) You can!

• Special savings!

  Only cosplayers subscribed to the newsletter will have the advantage of any potential discounts that may start floating around! You wont want to miss out on some savings!

• Cosplayer Spotlight

  I'll select, at random, a couple of cosplayers that I have worked with previously to display in the newsletter.

Social media handles, a photo and a few Q&A's will be displayed for readers.

• Super secret, super private cosplay meetups:

  I like to call my cosplayers when I want to experiment with new ideas or if I'm just looking to add newer and fresher images to my social media handles, website and printed material. Any edited images from these private meetups are free of charge as a way of thanks for being a cosplayer of mine and coming out so I have a subject to photograph and test ideas with.

• ...and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait a second... Is this spam?

NO! I will never spam you or send out more emails than I have mentioned. Currently 4 emails a year. This isn’t about making you go crazy with more than you need, it’s about giving you the most access for photo opportunities and benefits!


Do you sell out of sessions at Cons? 

YES! Megacon, Metrocon and Lumicon are three that are guaranteed to sell out every year. Other cons have yet to book out completely but that doesn't mean that they can't or won't! If you are ever worried about missing the time slot that you want, get with me early! You can message me through any social media handle, email me or visit the Convention List Tab and fill out a form there!


How do I stop receiving emails?:

You can always opt out of emails should you wish to take a little break. Just send me an email after receiving any of the newsletters telling me that you are opting out and that’ll be that! Keep in mind that you will have to go through the process of signing up again should you be interested in receiving special offers again. 


How soon will I have early access to booking session slots?

For all cosplayers subscribed to the newsletter, booking session slot times is available 24/7. You do not need to wait for me to announce availability to the general public via social media handles. You can book any session for any convention that Tight Photography is attending as early as you like. 

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